General Info

September 1 First draw for Spring orders
Fall orders are priority

September 15 First acknowledgment
Spring confirmations mailed

December 15 Re-acknowledgement
Final Spring confirmations mailed

January MANTS (Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show)
Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD

April 15 Approximate date for last deciduous material dug<

Summer Dig Information

Angelica Nurseries digs stock throughout the summer months. Summer digging is a more complex process requiring extra time and labor to insure viability. Plant material is watered a full day prior to digging by either auger or plant collar. Ball sizes are increased to further maximize water retention. After removal from the field, the plants are transported through an overhead watering boom and placed in a “hardening off” area to acclimate before shipping. Summer dig charges apply and are announced prior to their implementation.

Wholesale Only

We sell only to the wholesale trade. If you are visiting this site as a retail customer, please look around the site. It contains a lot of information about the plants we grow which you may find useful. However, we do NOT sell to the retail market and cannot respond to retail inquiries

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