Winter Shipping of Plant Material

Handling Suggestions for Early Spring Shipments

Digging begins early at Angelica Nurseries in order to get plant material to our customers prior to the spring rush. We start digging in the middle of February (weather permitting) and like to begin shipping as soon as possible to customers who are prepared for deliveries. Deciduous material comes out of the ground first and digging continues until April or when material begins to leaf.

There are some risks associated with holding plant material above ground during freezing weather. We protect the plant material from prolonged freezing while in our yard. Upon delivery, you (the customer) assumes this responsibility.

To promote successful acclimatization of plant material, we make the following recommendations:

    • Keeping the plants tied up and close together during harsh weather conditions.
    • Protecting the plants from north and west wind exposure.
    • Most important, protecting root-balls from extended periods of freezing weather to prevent root damage. Severe cold may warrant some material to be laid on the ground and covered with insulated grower blankets
    • Watering occasionally if root-balls feel dry.

Please Note: The above procedures serve as a guideline only. Angelica does not imply any warranty as to the future life of nursery stock.

Please contact our Customer Service department with any questions regarding the above recommendations.