UPDATED: Summer 2016 Availability – new list here!

hot newsOur UPDATED (6/2/2016) Summer 2016 Availability is now available via our downloads page. Items on the Availability list are intended for immediate sale and may not be added to a master order for future harvest.

Years ago during the down economy, we took a conservative approach and made adjustments to our production plan and did not plant as heavily as in previous years. And as a result of the recession, we had to sell deeper into our inventory to satisfy orders and to sustain business. Consequently, our Availability lacks depth and is as shallow as it ever has been. Inevitable inventory shortages here and throughout the industry will require the use of plant substitutions to keep jobs flowing. The past few years we have adjusted our production numbers accordingly, but that inventory is still a season or two away.

This spring, some varieties of boxwood were impacted with late frost. Plants are starting to push new growth and we should have a limited number of varieties available late Summer. Nonetheless, we have a good supply of Buxus sempervirens ‘Fastigiata’. Broadleaf hollies are also limited, but quality stock of Ilex opaca are available.

We are releasing some inventory of Thuja x ‘Green Giant’ and Buxus varieties hoping this helps to facilitate filling out loads.

We have always strived to provide our customers with the most complete Availability possible and will continue to do so. We welcome the opportunity to quote any of your plant needs. Do not hesitate to contact Customer Service. Thank you for choosing Angelica Nurseries to provide you with plant material.