Rain Postpones Summer Dig Charge

AttentionWhat seemed to go all around us this week wasn’t the case yesterday. Just in time, we were blessed with much needed rain. Almost 2 inches yields favorable digging conditions.

Please allow 10 days to process an order. While Mother Nature eased the watering method, there is still a process to summer dig plant material. In the best interest of the plant and ultimately our customers, material is placed in a “hardening off” area to acclimate prior to shipping. This procedure is the best assurance of plant survival during hot summer months. Any compromise to our summer dig program jeopardizes plant survivability.

We appreciate your cooperation in a complex process that requires extra time and labor to insure plant viability. If there are questions or you would like to discuss current digging conditions, do not hesitate to contact customer service.

We sincerely appreciate your continued business!