Drought Descends on Maryland

The Maryland Department of the Environment’s evaluation of water supply conditions indicates that the eastern regions of Maryland are experiencing a drought.  Well below average precipitation the past six months has resulted in below normal levels of groundwater and stream flow.  The lack of ground moisture coupled with extremely hot temperatures will surely take its toll on plants in the landscape.

Signs of Drought Related Stress

Leaf wilt is an immediate sign of drought stress

Deformation of leaves which may curl, bend or show signs of scorch

Conifers may experience yellowing and or browning

Tree tops may show signs of dieback

The above are the visible signs.  However, there are less visible signs affecting the growth of plants. Water plants deeply and as frequently as required.  Morning is the best time to water.  Water requirements vary between species.  Nonetheless, plants require ¾ to 1 inch of rain per week.

Be good to your landscape and water efficiently.  Be sure to check your local water restrictions during this dry period.