Introduction to Angelica Nurseries

The competitive nursery industry demands our customers be provided with the finest plant material for their sales yards or landscape projects. Through selection and propagation of better plant types, we believe we have accomplished much toward this end. At Angelica, we believe our plants have a better future because we give them a better start.

Beginning with observation and selection of specific cultivars, Angelica propagates those plants from proven performers here at the nursery. Over 80 percent of our seedlings, rooted cuttings and grafts come from Angelica’s own stock plants with the balance coming from suppliers who share our dedication to lasting quality.

Optimum growing environments are created for each crop matching cultivar requirements with site characteristics. Transplants are moved to their final locations growing to their desired harvest specifications in three to twelve years, depending on crop and harvest sizes.

An important success factor of our plant material is measured through the ability of the plant to withstand transplanting and to adapt quickly to a new root environment. Angelica root prunes over 2000 acres of nursery stock to a schedule that is crop specific. It is this attention to the production of a fine, dense root mass that results in landscape specimens that are well suited for relocation.