History of Angelica Nurseries

Original Angelica Nurseries home farm in Angelica, Pennsylvania

Angelica Nurseries Inc. is a family-owned and operated corporation. The Kohl family was involved in the landscaping business in Pennsylvania in the 1930’s. Thomas Kohl, Jr. recognized the need for quality specimen plants for commercial and residential plantings. This need for material drove the business to become more supply oriented.

In 1956, 300 acres of farmland was purchased in Kent County, Maryland. The farm name, Angelica, was transferred from the family home farm located near Reading, Pennsylvania. The driving force behind the move was the search for a soil type and climate for the B & B product. The Sassafras silt loam prevalent on the Angelica farms is a light alluvium with enough clay to make a clean, firm ball of earth. The climatic zone is a zone 6 to 6b and allows a longer growing season than what was previously experienced.